Bhooma  Aravamuthan, MD, DPhil

Bhooma Aravamuthan, MD, DPhil

Assistant Professor, Neurology
Division of Child Neurology/Movement Disorders

I am a pediatric movement disorders physician and neuroscientist with expertise in basal ganglia network pathophysiology, dystonia, and neonatal brain injury.

Jamie  Archer, MSOT, OTR/L

Jamie Archer, MSOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Johanna  Hartlein, APRN, MSN

Johanna Hartlein, APRN, MSN

Clinical nurse practitioner

Tamara  Hershey, PhD

Tamara Hershey, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry
Professor of Neurology
Professor of Radiology

Main research interests include cognitive effects of deep brain stimulation, neuroimaging and effects of diabetes on brain anatomy and cognitive function.

Paul  Kotzbauer, MD, PhD

Paul Kotzbauer, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Neurology
Division of Adult Neurology

Main research interests include working to understand mechanisms of neuro-degeneration underlying Parkinson’s disease and related disorders.

Baijayanta  Maiti, MD, PhD

Baijayanta Maiti, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Main research interest includes neuroimaging related to Parkinson disease and cognitive function

Scott  Norris, MD

Scott Norris, MD

Associate Professor, Neurology and Radiology
Section head of Movement Disorders

Main research interests include neuroimaging, pathophysiology of dystonia, mechanisms of deep brain stimulation and basal ganglia physiology and pharmacology.

Mwiza  Ushe, MD, MA

Mwiza Ushe, MD, MA

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Main research interests include language development and functional magnetic resonance imaging.